The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

In November 2018, I will be returning to Nepal to ascend Mera Peak.   At 21,250′ this is about the same altitude as Everest at Camp 2, around 3650′ higher than Everest Base Camp.  You can follow me on my Facebook page.

I want to support 21&Co, a local charity to my Daughter Claire, Tom, and my Grandson Heath.  21&Co is a parent run support group, based around South West London and Surrey, dedicated to giving support to families who have children and young people with Down’s syndrome.

My real life Tintin



Heath is a Virgo… What a greater start in life can that be!

I haven’t asked for sponsorship since the 1990’s, when running for the NY Marathon, but feel this is such a worthwhile charity and that every penny will be put to good use…


Please give just a little amount so I can achieve my target of £1000