Time is getting short…

I keep getting reminder emails from Just Giving to update my story… so here’s an update.

Where has the time gone?  I feel very behind in my training.   Have a few good long walks planned, but it never feels enough.

“Depending on where your training is starting from, you will need to have a mix of cardio. pushing your lactic threshold higher so you can perform at higher heart rates for longer. You will need to come with excellent strength and conditioning. The two key elements you need to consider our strength and endurance.  Low oxygen environments find weakness in the body so you need to develop a strength and conditioning program that builds slowly. We can help you develop a program to help you. On the route we use into Mera Peak there are a lot of up and down before reaching Khote, so the first 6 days have a lot of excellent acclimatization but lots of steps up and down through the forest trails.”

I’m not trekking with these guys but this, as an sexagenarian, I find pretty scary.

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Training weekend in Snowdonia

Well that was a good training weekend last Sat/Sun.

Weather in Snowdonia was atrocious and had to descend to take cover and avoid the worst of it. Still had to endure torrential rain and 45 mph winds. We thought the tarp was going to take off any minute throughout the night!

Harder ascent than I thought it would be, and the descent was ticky carrying such a heavy load.  Still have aching muscles.

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Time is getting short and need to raise more funds for 21&Co.

Thank you.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

In November 2018, I will be returning to Nepal to ascend Mera Peak.   At 21,250′ this is about the same altitude as Everest at Camp 2, around 3650′ higher than Everest Base Camp.  You can follow me on my Facebook page.

I want to support 21&Co, a local charity to my Daughter Claire, Tom, and my Grandson Heath.  21&Co is a parent run support group, based around South West London and Surrey, dedicated to giving support to families who have children and young people with Down’s syndrome.

My real life Tintin



Heath is a Virgo… What a greater start in life can that be!

I haven’t asked for sponsorship since the 1990’s, when running for the NY Marathon, but feel this is such a worthwhile charity and that every penny will be put to good use…


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